New build carpet cleaning Oxford

show home carpet cleaners oxford
June 4th, 2019

Here we cleaned 2x show homes on separate nearby developments, for a building company once the development was complete and show homes sold and ready to move in to. As these properties had been show homes, they were generally in good condition but obviously had some marks and grubbiness from customers viewing the properties. The client just wanted them making clean and fresh and back to new looking for the new owners, so we did just that and also removed a lot of the loose fluff you get with new carpets. The only thing that remained was some of the furniture indentations from the show home furniture but this was improved and will hopefully improve further with time and vacuuming etc.

These were both quite large properties and it was great being able to clean them whilst they were empty to be able to give them a really thorough clean all over. The building company were very pleased with the results.

Show home carpet cleaning Oxford


For any carpet cleaning on new developments in Oxfordshire, we would be happy to help and can provide free quotes on request. We can carry out any new build carpet cleaning Oxford from show homes, to general builders carpet cleaning in Oxford to remove dust and marks etc, just give us a call on 0800 020 9199.

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