Professional carpet cleaning Oxford

November 8th, 2016

These carpets in Headington, Oxford were filthy and badly marked at the end of a tenancy and were in desperate need of a really thorough professional carpet cleaning treatment from Spot The Difference (Oxford)! There was a multitude of spots and stains all of which were removed and overall they cleaned up really well which saved the tenant from expensive replacement costs. Having had dogs in the property as well, the carpets were deodorised and sanitised afterwards to help rid the smell of pets and make them nice and hygienic for the next residents.

Click on the below images to enlarge them and see how bad the carpets really were, and the great difference we made after our professional carpet cleaning services in Oxford.

Professional carpet cleaning Oxford

We can work our magic on your carpets too! Just call us on 0800 020 9199 or use the contact us page and we will be happy to deal with all of your requests for carpet cleaning in Oxford. We look forward to speaking with you soon!

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