Carpet cleaning Banbury

carpet cleaning in banbury
January 13th, 2017

This property was in much need of carpet cleaning in Banbury. It was vacant and empty of furniture so much easier to give it a real thorough clean throughout. It appeared that the property had never been vacuumed as it was really dusty and grubby and full of bits on the floor. After just a really good vacuum with our powerful professional upright vacuum cleaner, the carpets looked so much better. As well as shampooing the carpets, we deodorised and sanitised them to leave them smelling fresh and to make them hygienic. If you click on the carpet cleaning Banbury images below of before and after, you will see how bad they looked prior to cleaning. After our carpet cleaning services they looked so much better and nice and clean again ready for the next residents.

To get a quote for professional carpet cleaning in Banbury, give us a call on 0800 020 9199 and we can discuss your requirements over the phone and give you an estimate. We may feel a visit is required before quoting if the property is particularly large or in poor condition.

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