Leather upholstery cleaning Oxfordshire

leather sofa cleaning oxfordshire
November 14th, 2019

This leather suite cleaning in Oxfordshire was in need of some TLC and was rather grubby and tired looking. You can really see the difference in the during pictures below with the uncleaned patch in the middle. Light leather unfortunately shows up the dirt more than darker leather and so more frequent maintenance can be required to keep it looking good especially if you have pets and/or kids!! Dye transfer can also be a potential problem which shows up on light leather particularly from sitting on it in jeans or can also come from coloured cushions or throws. These sofas did not have dye transfer so just required a good, deep clean and then we re-nourished and protected the leather to finish. As with our skin, leather too needs nourishing to prevent it drying out and cracking. The protector helps to prevent spillages from penetrating into the leather and gives you more time to clean it up.

They look so lovely and fresh again now and really make the whole room look much better and cleaner!

Leather cleaning specialists Oxfordshire

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